Ɂantuni Tony Paul

In loving memory of our beloved

Cindy & Tony

Ɂantuni Tony Paul was an authentic shishalh Nation carver who has practised his art form from the young age of 16 years. A descendent of master carver and canoe builder Anthony Hurst, Tony was deeply recognized by his community for his talents and position as an artist. In following his passion, Tony pursued an apprenticeship with renowned artist, the late Richard Krentz, where Tony honed his talents in designing and carving totems.  When you travel to the shishalh swiya (Sunshine Coast), you will see Tony’s art, including totems, semi relief wood sculptures and wood plaques on many public buildings throughout the region. A visual storyteller, every carving tells an amazing story of a rich culture and history. 

Tragically Tony and his wife Cindy passed away from Covid 19 in October 2021. Their passing was a profound loss to their family, the shishalh Nation and the community as a whole.